The Knife Angel

The Knife Angel is in Coventry for the next few weeks. I don’t go into the City Centre very often but we happened to beRead More

Ngopi Coffee Shop

I walked past this place (opposite the small Ikea showroom in Birmingham city centre) occasionally while it was being fitted out. A few days agoRead More

Coventry Motofest

These photos were taken back on the 3rd but I didn’t get around to copying them off my camera until today. This post is mainlyRead More

The Art of Cookery

This morning I noticed that the Google Doodle was celebrating the 310th birthday of somebody called Hannah Glasse. The name sounded familiar. It turned outRead More

Same Bull with a new hat

A few days ago I noticed that the bull outside the Bullring was wearing a new green hat, ready for St. Patrick’s Day. This morningRead More

The new home for my blog

I have decided to move my blog here, from its old home at My old Blosxom based site was becoming too difficult to maintain.Read More

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