We recently bought an Instant Pot Air Fryer. We have had one of their regular multi-purpose pots for ages, which we mainly use as a pressure cooker, and find it incredibly useful. We saw the air fryer on special offer so we decided to get it.

One slight omission with these is the lack of decent cooking instructions for regular foods. There are lots of recipes but there didn’t seem to be a straightforward guide for how long to cook things like sausages or shop bought ‘oven cook’ foods. A combination of searching the web and a bit of trial and error was needed to get us going. I looked up some guided and the general recommendation is to reduce the cooking time by about 20-25% and the temperature by about 10% but this may vary from machine to machine. We found that battered or breaded foods such as prawns or nuggets come out much crispier than when done in the oven.

Some Times and Temperatures

Where there is a range given, use the lower end for smaller items and the upper end for larger/thicker. Chips and raw meats should be lightly tossed in oil and seasoning before cooking.

FoodTemperature (°C)Time (minutes)
Chips/Wedges160 then 180Cook for 10 minutes at 160° then 8-10 at 180° until cooked.
Chicken Breast185Cook for 9 minutes on each side.
Whole Chicken180Start upside down, cook for 30 minutes then turn right way up and cook for a further 15 minutes.

Some Early Attempts

Shortly after we got the air fryer, I bought a kit of accessories. This came with things like paper liners, a kebab set, a cake tin, muffin moulds and a pizza pan. I had a go at cooking some pork and chicken kebabs with potato wedges.

I decided to try cooking the meat and wedges at the same time. The wedges were soaked in water for a few minutes before being dried off and coated in oil and celery salt. The kebabs were put on the skewers and the cooking rack which came with the accessories kit. I set the air fryer for 10 minutes at 160°C, then turned the heat up to 180°C to give the wedges that ‘twice cooked’ texture. I kept an eye on the meat so I could remove the kebabs to stop them from getting over-cooked.

The results were pretty good, and it’s a fairly space efficient way of cooking several things. The broccoli was simply cooked for a few minutes in the microwave. I have done oven roasted broccoli before (which is usually 20 minutes at gas mark 7) but haven’t tried it in the air fryer yet.

Air Fryer pizza

Now we come to a real success story. We do our regular Saturday Night Pizza and used to use our trusty pizza stone which we’ve had since 2009. The air fryer accessories kit came with a small pizza pan so obviously we had to see how air fried pizza came out.

The answer is very well indeed. I have to use half as much dough for each pizza but this does mean I can make more combinations of toppings. While one pizza is cooking, I can start assembling the next one, and the cooked pizzas then go in a low oven to keep warm until there are enough cooked to start serving.

I alternate between using the pizza pan (which means I can do well filled pizzas with lots of sauce or cheese without it spilling everywhere) and making a pizza one of the paper liners (which have holes in to let the air circulate underneath). I cook the pizzas for 6 minutes at 180-190°C on the Air Fry setting and the base comes out well cooked but still soft, and the cheese is usually nice and melted.

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