Last year we went to Belgium on holiday and spent a day at the Bokrijk open air museum. It’s definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. In one of the areas they were demonstrating traditional foods and there were a few things they were cooking using traditional methods.

The bakery had a wood fired bread oven, and there were samples of a rye sourdough to taste. In one of the houses they had a big pot of a potato and onion stew bubbling away. We were given some to taste and it was surprisingly good for something so simple. We were also given a leaflet with the recipe on it, which unfortunately got lost at some point between there and getting home.

I thought I would have a go at recreating it from what I could remember It had potatoes, onions, whole grain mustard and I remember seeing bay leaves in the pot. The liquid must have been some kind of stock because there was more flavour than I would have expected from water.

I also added garlic and a pinch of dried herbs, then just enough chicken stock to almost cover the potatoes. I cooked it in our Instant Pot. This was the first time I had actually used the slow cooker option. We nearly always use one of the the presets which operate as a pressure cooker (such as the Soup or Beans options). I set it for 6 hours then we went out for the day, leaving it to cook.

When we got back home I took the lid off and let it simmer gently while I cooked the sausages.

Given that this was the first time I had used the slow cooker setting, and I was recreating something I only had a small taste of last year, I think it worked out quite well. I might use a stronger stock next time, and possibly let it cook for longer so the potatoes go a bit softer, but the results were very good for an experiment based on a half-remembered description of a recipe.

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