I walked past this place (opposite the small Ikea showroom in Birmingham city centre) occasionally while it was being fitted out. A few days ago I noticed that it was finally open so I today decided to pop in for lunch.

The menu is small and mostly consists of snacks and ‘light bites’. There were quite a few things which looked worth trying but for my first visit I tried the Martabak (or Murtabak, there seem to be several ways of spelling it). It was described as a pancake stuffed with beef. When it arrived it was more pastry-like than I was expecting, with a crispy filo-like texture. It was definitely good though and came with a pot of spicy sauce.

I chose one of their Daily Special coffees (I think it was labelled as from Burundi). I normally prefer my coffee a bit stronger but since it was made in a single cup filter, I’ll have to remember ask for it to be a bit stronger on my next visit. There will be a next visit: there are more items on the menu I want to try.

Martabak and coffee at lunchtime.

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